Our client portfolio (in no particular order) spans from tourism, telecommunications, retail, travel, publishing and many more, browse our library for more. Use scrollers @ the bottom right for more.

    Gabcon                                Design360Architects

    The Fitzwilliam Partnership Botswana                                Cleaning Wizards

    Collegium Book Publishers - Site Under Construction                               TRL Travel - Site Under Construction

    Bokomo Botswana                               HRMC

    Mine Search Africa                              Itekanele Health

    Hotwire PRC                               Digital Communications

    Mosienyane & Partners International Architects                               BR Properties

    Watermark Group                               Y Care Charitable Trust Botswana

    Tati River Lodge (TRL)                               Clearstory

    HATAB                                Nextcom Telecom

    Bemmtel Communications                               Botswana Golf Union (BGU)

    Cube Safaris                               Native Travels

    ABEs Furniture and Jobbing Services                               Medi Publishing

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